Lucia Oceguera


Lucía defines her practice as the visual manifestation of an existential crisis experienced with optimism. Through the intervention of situations and objects, she seeks to counter boredom and restore the idea of faith in the future. She introduces us to her mind through her work, connected by chance encounters that the artist then transfigures into experimental episodes. The elements that she uses generate physical, substantial and conceptual contrasts; the contradiction is recurrent in her work and is approached through humor. Visual contrasts are experienced as a game, however, these exist to read between the lines: the fragility of a resistant material, a weak balance, the glow of precious stones that are not precious, objects that fulfill functions completely different from those originally assigned by the manufacturer.

Graduated in Communication Sciences from ITESM, she specializes in art design for film and television. In 2012 she graduated with honors in Fine Arts M.F.A specializing in new art forms from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY). Some of her outstanding projects are: “Black / White & Everything in Between” at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, United States (2013). "Uno Sobre Uno" at Galería Machete, Mexico City (2014). "Re-Visiting" at the Museum of Art of Sinaloa MASIN in Culiacán (2016) and "Time hardens self to stone" Fundación Casa Wabi, Mexico City (2019).